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Buchecha’s Famous Double Leg Takedown

Buchecha’s Famous Double Leg Takedown



Among the library of wrestling techniques that we’ve adapted for jiu-jitsu, the double leg takedown ranks high on the list. Its ease of use, simplistic application, and overall effectiveness make it a great choice when you're approaching the standing exchange. However, when we’re transitioning our double leg to a jiu-jitsu setting, we must make certain tweaks to make sure that we don't get ourselves into trouble. The application of a double leg in BJJ differs a bit from that of a traditional wrestling in that there are dangers to consider such as neck attacks, rolling attacks, etc. 

So what does the perfect double leg for BJJ look like? Marcus Almeida would like to share this information with you. Buchecha is without question, one of the most successful competitors in the history of the sport. He’s achieved greatness in every competition forum and continues to be one the most formidable competitors in the circuit. His game is incredibly well rounded but his takedowns have always been a special area of expertise and his double leg is particularly infamous. 

With the recent release of The Buchecha Takedown System in the Gi, we are getting our first inside look at a complete system of Buchecha’s most relied upon techniques from the feet and his approach to takedowns with the gi. WIth content ranging from grip work, to fundamental takedowns, and body lock techniques, Buchecha covers all the bases and provides a blueprint for takedown excellence in the gi. 

In this video, Buchecha outlines his incredibly efficient double leg takedown, walking us through the steps and providing some critical details. Take a look at this and see what you've been missing! 


One of the most classic gripping configurations in BJJ, is the lapel and triceps grip. This tried and true method of locking up is used by nearly everyone and here Buchecha employs this exact gripset to start his instruction. 

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As he moves his partner around the mat, Buchecha is hunting for an opportunity. When he sees his partner's feet become square (directly across from each other) this is his moment to launch the takedown. As this occurs, he uses his grips on the lapel and sleeve to open his partner's arms up, lifting the arms to the line of the shoulders. This is not just an opening of the arms. He’s also simultaneously dropping his level and pulling his partner over top of him. Loading up the weight will drastically improve the chances of a solid entry and a more successful takedown.

Here, Buchecha begins to enter for the takedown. He forgoes a traditional style penetration step and instead he pulls himself into position using his grips and arrives on his knees underneath his partner. With a pull on the back of the knees and some forward pressure of his shoulder, Buchecha is able to sit his partner down and achieve the takedown. 

The moment the exchange hits the floor, Buchecha immediately looks to control the pants to keep his partner from closing the guard. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to get caught in the guard and you'd still receive credit for the takedown but it's always better to avoid this if possible! As you can see, the bottom player will continue to hip escape to avoid the solidification of the takedown but Buchecha keeps scrambling forward, continuing to control his partner. 

This is the perfect example of how to adapt the double leg for BJJ. The skeleton of the technique that we recognize from wrestling is definitely still here but Buchecha has molded the double leg to fit his needs. The use of the gi here can be likened to a snap down or set up of that nature and it works perfectly here to get him into position for the take down. 

A guide to takedowns in the gi is much needed, and I can not think of a better representative to show us the way than Buchecha. The new instructional will undoubtedly change the way you view this skill set and help you implement your takedowns with greater efficiency and a higher success rate. 

The Buchecha Takedown System In The Gi by Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida
If you've been looking for a way to become more effective in the gi during the standing exchange, look no further. This is the blueprint you need. The Buchecha Takedown System is available now at the BJJ Fanatics online store.



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