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Rubber Guard Deception with Eddie Bravo

Rubber Guard Deception with Eddie Bravo



The 10th Planet jiu-jitsu system has staked its claim in BJJ as one of the most effective platforms for jiu-jitsu proficiency in the modern age. As the scope of 10th PLanet broadens and more people are exposed to the inner workings and curriculum the BJJ community continues to witness the effectiveness of what 10P offers. They've become a mainstay in no gi competition, producing lots of successful athletes and craving out their own place in the annals of BJJ history. 

Eddie Bravo, the man behind the success of the 10P empire has created a unique system of jiu-jitsu that stands alone. Bravo’s first moments in the spotlight came years ago when he defeated Royler Gracie at ADCC in 2003, showcasing his high level of jiu-jitsu proficiency and since then has constructed quite the empire that we know today as 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. 

One of the flagship positions of the 10P system is the rubber guard. This truly unique guard configuration has been developed, innovated, and revolutionized by Bravo himself and many of his 10P peers for years. As a guard platform, the options are seemingly endless and practitioners all over the world have adapted the guard to suit their own games.

Bravo has recently paired up with BJJ Fanatics to give you the most comprehensive guide on the rubber guard to date. WIth this new instructional, The Ultimate Rubber Guard, Bravo reveals the secrets to this coveted skill, granting us access to the most important information and lessons pertaining to the position. 

In this video, Bravo demonstrates an entry into the position with the help of some trickery. We all know that a little bit of deception goes a long way in our jiu-jitsu and here, the master himself gives us some pointers on how to lure a would be guard passer right into the jaws of the rubber guard. Take a look at this!


Bravo starts with some sage advice on entries. Without the proper entry to any position, the opportunities we hope to create are simply just not there. Spending ampe time developing your ability to enter your favorite positions is paramount!

For this particular entry there's quite a few moving parts but this is a really thorough method of entering the rubber guard. From a butterfly guard scenario, Braco first demonstrates the position he hopes to achieve. In this instant a deep under hook and and over hook on the opposite side. This is phenomenal positioning but it's difficult to solidify. This is where Bravo will launch his rubber guard from, but first let's back pedal a bit and see how he gets there.

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Giving away what many would think is an advantageous position, Bravo removes his knee shield from the half guard situation and allows himself to be flattened, even offering a crossface to the top player. With an over hook achieved, Bravo now turns his attention to the goals of each player. This “battle of the knee” as he refers to it, now requires that someone free their knee to gain superior position. Initially, Bravo applies a lockdown to his [partners leg to keep him from advancing any further. The lockdown can be incredibly beneficial in situations such as this, as it doesn't provide a great deal of defense against forward movement or any kind of advancement for that matter. Here, it buys Bravo time. 

Using “the pimp hand” (gotta love the 10th PLanet lingo) in combination with a “super stomp” (this keeps the trapped half guard leg from advancing) to block his partner's left knee Bravo can provide enough space for himself to free his knee with a bit of a wiggling motion and begin establishing the previous position.

This removal of the knee causes the guard passer to begin retreating. As his partner backs up, the pimp hand turns into an under hook and the opposite side over hook remains intact. From this position, Bravo refers to as “the catch” he can easily fall back, pulling his partner in and transitioning to the rubber guard. 

There’s definitely an element of timing here that must be observed but Bravo has offered us a classic example of how the bait and switch  lends itself to the jiu-jitsu exchange. He sets up one enticing scenario that leads the passer directly into the trap. 

The Ultimate Rubber Guard by Eddie Bravo

The depths of the rubber guard and its many utilities run very deep. Having tailored instruction from Bravo himself is an exciting prospect and one that you should definitely take advantage of if this particular system interests you. The Ultimate Rubber Guard is available now at the BJJ Fanatics Online Store! 



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