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Kimura From The Double Leg

Kimura From The Double Leg


It’s no secret defending takedowns is hard work, especially against an opponent that is explosive and trains takedowns often. 

Typically, wrestlers are really good at takedowns and bring that skill set with them as they make the transition to Jiu Jitsu. Whoever wins the takedown is certainly starting the match with the advantage, but what if we were able to use their takedown attempt as a setup for our own game?  Could it be possible to catch the Kimura on the way down from the double leg they are executing? Absolutely. As with anything, the more you know, the more options we have. Jiu Jitsu is constantly evolving and things that were maybe previously impossible, are becoming possible every day as someone is doing it. 

Starting out standing the opponent shoots in for the double leg.  Mau’s goal is to secure the opponent’s wrist to his leg the moment it touches him.  He does this by immediately stepping back with his left leg and pinning the wrist to his leg with his left hand on their right wrist.  At this point he is looking to shoot his other arm over the opponent’s head and over hooking the opponent’s left arm allowing him to now figure four lock his arms and secure the opponent’s left arm in a kimura.  

He now brings his left leg forward again and sits down for the kimura.  As he sits down it’s very important that the right leg end up between the opponent’s legs so that we can lace our right leg over the opponent’s right leg preventing them from rolling. 

Next Mau is looking to pass the opponent’s left arm over his head as he shrimps out.  To do this he does not give up his figure four grip, rather he simply rotates the arm over his head and to the other side of his body, as he shrimps out he not has the kimura directly behind the opponent’s back with his figure four kimura grip still locked. Your position at this point should look like the image shown below.

From this position Mau is able to put his left arm over the opponent’s shoulder and get his top hook in and secure the back take from a points perspective.  Some grapplers prefer to control the back with only the bottom hook, which is fine, but for competition purposes you must get the top hook in as well typically for 4 seconds or so.  Once you score your points you can switch back to whatever control you like. 

Mau Mau is always hunting Kimuras and when you learn how you will see that they are everywhere.


From this position you can finish the Kimura as is or use it to continue to transition to another submission such as an arm lock, or triangle.  You could also abandon it and go for a rear naked choke if you wanted to. The key takeaway here is that you were taken down and instead of simply landing in guard and working form there, this enables you to maximize the position by shooting for a submission that then allows you the control needed to transition from the bottom half guard to the back mount position.  We went from a not so great spot to one of the best possible positions in Jiu Jitsu by executing a few simple steps. 

If you are interested in learning more about “The Kimura System” – by Robson “Mau-Mau” Lima check out his video instructional to guide you through step by step how he is able to execute his basic fundamental game that leaves no room for off the wall unorthodox techniques.  It may be worthwhile to use this to balance another elite grapplers take on Kimura’s that takes more of an unorthodox approach such as Neil Melanson in his video instructional “The Filthy Kimura”. While their games are drastically different, it proves that both can be very successful.  Having the ability to add a little bit from each of these Kimura masters to you game will certainly transform your approach to the Kimura, and possibly even Jiu Jitsu as a whole. 


Gain the secrets of the kimura from one of the masters of the kimura, Mau Mau. Check out his DVD "The Kimura System". Get it here!



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