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Knee Cut to Katagatame with Matheus Diniz

Knee Cut to Katagatame with Matheus Diniz


Understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so much more than being able to perform an almost endless array of techniques, it is being able to take this practical knowledge and develop a gameplan or pathway that allows you to progress your position and ultimately put you in a place where a submission can be achieved.

In the video below, Marcelo Garcia black belt and high level competitor Matheus Diniz shows an effective knee cut or knee slice pass and transition to katagatame or an arm triangle choke.  Along the way, he shares crucial details and concepts that will help improve your half guard game from both the top and conversely when you are on the bottom.  He also shares a variation in the very possible event that the opponent frees their arm from the arm triangle position.  Check out the video below and we'll break it down afterwards.

 Key Concepts to Review

Pay close attention to these concepts as they will enrich your game far beyond this particular chain of techniques.

No Underhook No Problem

Notice how Matheus addresses the fact that he initially does not have the underhook and is seemingly unable to flatten the opponent to make the guard pass easier.  The key is the control of the bottom person's hips by draping that outside arm over.  

Don't Forget the Bottom Arm

It's easy to forget about the opponent's bottom arm because it seems to be innocently just hanging out not doing anything.  The arm that is framing is the most problematic, isn't it?  Maybe not.  By not addressing that bottom arm, we allow the bottom person to potentially shoot under us for sweeps or perhaps to achieve a deep half guard position which can lead to more problems.

Address the Framing Arm Where It's Weak

The way that Matheus stays low and address the framing arm with shoulder pressure into the elbow is surprisingly simple and easy to miss.  Many times we attempt to address the obstacle head first where it is strongest.  By pressuring the framing arm where it is weakest at the elbow and tricep, the pathway to the underhook and the flattening of the opponent is opened.  This is crucial.

Now that we've shared some key principles that will help not only your half guard passing game, but conversely you will know what to look for from the bottom, you will want to check out Matheus Diniz full "Position to Submission" instructional series available in DVD and On Demand format here at BJJ Fanatics!



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