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The Easiest Side Control Escape You've Never Done

The Easiest Side Control Escape You've Never Done


Side control is one of the most powerful controlling positions in the entire jiu jitsu lexicon of techniques.  The ability of the top player to inflict the full force of his or her bodyweight on the torso and limbs of the bottom player while keeping the powerful hips at a safe distance makes it a very versatile and safe position for the top player.

In a standard side control, the top player's knees are kept close to the opponent's hip and armpit to make sure maximum control is maintained.  This can be aided with the head control that comes from a strong cross face and an underhook on the far side.  In another variation of side control, the top player switches his or her base and sits to their hip eliminating the potential space the bottom player would need to regain guard.

In the video below, Fabio Gurgel, aka "The General" who is the leader of the Alliance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team, shares one of the most straight forward, simple to understand and easy to implement escapes that will have you moving those mountainous trainer partners and opponents with minimal effort.  Check out the video featuring 5 time world champion, Bernardo Faria.


For more on escaping side control, check out this article from BJJ Fanatics!

Now that you've got a great escape from side control against those bigger and/or stronger opponents, why not take a look at 5 time World Champion Bernardo Faria's "Escapes from Anywhere" 4 volume set available On Demand from BJJ Fanatics!


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