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Kurt Osiander Lapel Choke Featuring Anthony Bourdain

Kurt Osiander Lapel Choke Featuring Anthony Bourdain


Let's look back at a special installment of Kurt Osiander's hugely popular YouTube "Move of the Week" videos, where he welcomed Anthony Bourdain, who was in town shooting a special episode of "Parts Unknown" which featured BJJ and Kurt quite predominantly.

The technique is a sneaky lapel choke that Kurt sets up from a knee slice pass on Anthony's half guard.  As he cuts through, Kurt allows Bourdain to secure the under hook.  When he does this, Kurt shoots his choking hand through and places his lapel strap across the top of Bourdain's neck and steps over to lock the choke.  Check out the great technique and let's remember Anthony Bourdain for his impact on Jiu Jitsu.

 If you want to learn more from Kurt Osiander, you will want to check out his latest release "Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade" from BJJ Fanatics!  It is available in convenient On Demand formats and will have you dominating your opponents which Kurt's unique mix of old school and new school BJJ.






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