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Kyle Boehm Teaches The Rolling Kimura

Kyle Boehm Teaches The Rolling Kimura



Kyle Boehm is fresh off of defeating Lucas Barbosa (check his instructional videos The Barbelt Guard) in the Finals of the BJJFanatics Sub-Only Grand Prix, and just released Kimura Control! Needless to say, Boehm has had a fantastic 2019. Although you are probably fairly familiar with Kyle and his unique style, let’s take a look at how he approaches The Rolling Kimura.


When you first see the Rolling Kimura you might be thinking that it isn’t for you. However if you can perform a somersault there is a good chance that you could pull the technique off. As Kyle points out it is very similar with one key difference. Typically a somersault is performed on the same side of the lead foot, for his Rolling Kimura however he switches the shoulder that he rolls over. 

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Boehm starts attacking the seated guard by posting hard on his opponent’s shoulder forcing them to put a hand to the mat. As soon as this happens Kyle springs into the rolling kimura on their outstretched arm. If you notice throughout the video as Kyle is hitting the mat there is barely a sound. 

While sound level doesn’t determine the success of the technique, if you are crashing to the mat with a large thud, there is a good chance that you are rolling incorrectly. Boehm recommends drilling the opposite shoulder somersault over and over until you are totally comfortable. Another aid in Kyle’s smooth landing is how he uses his free hand to post on the mat to assist through the cartwheel like motion. 

As he lands he immediately gets his body perpendicular with his partner’s. This allows him to sneak his top hook into place which allows him to flare his partner's hip the other direction. Now that he has the space he throws the second hook in. True to 10th planet vocab, Kyle “crystal balls” his opponent’s head with the Kimura configuration. This is a perfect analogy for what the arms should do at this moment and that is control their upper body with a seatbelt grip. The added bonus is that you already have the kimura configuration to assist in control in your seat belt grip. 

Once you gain the perpendicular position while maintaining the Kimua Control more options open up on top of the back take. Boehm demonstrates how to get on top and finish the Kimura several ways starting at the 1:40 mark. Kyle demonstrates with the proper control you will open up opportunities for attacks while simultaneously rendering your opponent’s efforts entirely to defense!

Kimura Control by Kyle Boehm

Kyle Boehm is fresh off of back to back BJJFanatics Sub-Only tournament victories. He knows what it takes to win, and now he wants to share some of his best techniques with you! Kimura Control By Kyle Boehm gives you the power to control your opponent and find a way to win!


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