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Lachlan Giles Has A Nasty Guillotine Choke

Lachlan Giles Has A Nasty Guillotine Choke


10 Finger Guillotine by Lachlan Giles

In the World of Grappling, Lachlan Giles is one of the preeminent black belt competitors from Australia.  He is head coach at Absolute MMA and has been instrumental in the development of such standout athletes as Craig Jones and Livia Gluchowska.  He is well known as a highly technical coach and instructor and also holds a PhD in physiotherapy. Today we are going to look at the 10 Finger Guillotine by Lachlan Giles. This choke comes from his first instructional DVD from BJJ Fantatics, High Percentage Chokes: No Gi. The Ten finger guillotine is a technique that will have you submitting your training partners and opponents in no time. Watch the video below and then we will break down Lachlan Giles 10 Finger Guillotine technique. Check it out now!

Learn The Precise Yet Simple Techniques and Tips That Will Allow You To Choke Anyone...


In the video demonstration, Lachlan Giles starts off by explaining that the 10 Finger Guillotine is useful for when your training partner’s head is stuck in the middle of your body. In this case, you are simply boxing the head in to contain your opponent. By using your arms and elbows to block his head, your training partner will not be able to escape to either side. You want to get your belly over the top of your opponent’s head. You will use your stomach to push down on the back of the head while you pull up with your hands. Lachlan comes up to his feet in a deep squat position once he has his training partner secure. The choke his right here, simply pull up with your hands.

Often times, your training partner will try and walk back on all fours to escape the choke. In this case you might need to stand up and follow him backwards. As long as you keep your weight on top of him and pull up with your arms he will not be able to escape. This makes it difficult for your training partner to roll out of the choke. This is a very powerful choke, as it both suffocates your opponent and cuts off the blood supply to their brain. As you can tell, once Giles has the choke locked up there really are not many options for his training partner to escape. Give this one a try the next time you are in a live roll or competition. The 10 Finger Guillotine choke is a great way to land a super quick and painful submission!


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