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Learn Incredible Wrestling Techniques From Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo!

Learn Incredible Wrestling Techniques From Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo!


Penetration and Level Change by Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo is a former freestyle wrestler and mixed martial artist from the United States. Cejudo is known for being the youngest gold medalist from the US in free style wrestling. Henry Cejudo is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) where is the reigning champion of the men’s fly weight division. As of January 15th, 2019, Cejudo is ranked #11 in official UFC pound for pound rankings.

Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler Henry Cejudo Wants To Show You His Complete System To Takedown Bigger Opponents


The Man Joe Rogan Calls "The Greatest Combat Athlete In History" Is Also An Incredible Teacher. Today we are going to check out a video taken out of Henry Cejudo’s fantastic instructional DVD, High Level Take Downs and Mat Control For Grapplers. This type of instruction is battle tested against world class athletes, so it’s guaranteed to give you an entirely new perspective on grappling as well as the ability to completely transform your entire game. Watch the video below and then we will break down Henry Cejudo’s technique. Check it out now!

In the video demonstration above, Henry Cejudo demonstrates the Jiu Jitsu techniques known as penetration and level change. It is important to remember before taking your penetration step to get alert, relaxed and composed. Pay attention to how Henry Cejudo is loose and moving around. When he feels ready, he looks to shoot in with his penetration step. The penetration step is like a lunging forward step, where you are looking to get your knee down to the mat with your forward foot, and your back foot and leg are generating all the power to shoot in. A common mistake many grapplers make is to slide their back foot forward rather than lifting their foot up to get into the lunge position.

Once you find your opening you want to shoot in and step up. Remember to keep your back up nice and strong and head up in order to have good posture before completing the take down. Take note of the warm up exercises Cejudo shows for practicing the penetration step. This is a great drill to do at the beginning of the class to really work on getting that step strong and well balanced. These types of simple tips and tricks from world class grapplers such as Cejudo can really help to quickly improve your skill level. So remember these details from Henry Cejudo the next time you are looking to get a strong take down on a difficult opponent.


Reigning UFC Champion & Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler Henry Cejudo Wants To Show You His Complete System To Takedown Bigger & Stronger Opponents Easily - Every Time

  • The Man Joe Rogan Calls “The Greatest Combat Athlete In History” Is Also An Incredible Teacher & He Shows Step By Step

  • Henry is the youngest American ever to win an Olympic gold medal, the most prestigious accomplishment in the sport

  • A decade after winning a gold medal in the Olympics, Henry became a UFC Champion

  • Gain an entirely new perspective on grappling

  • Transform your entire game



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