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Slick Side Triangle Using John Danaher's Kimura System!

Slick Side Triangle Using John Danaher's Kimura System!


Side Triangle While Guard Passing by John Danaher

John Danaher is considered to be one of the most infamous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor on the planet. As a long time Renzo Gracie black belt and instructor, Danaher has been the mastermind behind the grappling achievements of some of the most dominant MMA and grappling athletes on the planet.  Some of his students include Nicky Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, Garry Tonon, and Gordon Ryan. No other athlete or coach has created more buzz or mystique around their instruction. Today we are going to check out an awesome side triangle while passing the guard. Many novice BJJ players perceive the triangle as a difficult submission to hit, but under John Danaher’s tutelage it is very easy to learn. In this particular demonstration, Danaher combines his triangle attack with his kimura system. These Jiu Jitsu Techniques are off of his instructional series "Triangles: Enter The System," available on BJJ Fanatics!

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Watch the video below of John Danaher demonstrating a side triangle while guard passing, then we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

As John Danaher explains, in order to use this side triangle you are going to have to link it with the kimura system. In a situation where you start off against your training partner in a seated guard position you are looking to step in and attain back control. It will be a battle for grips, but as Danaher explains, you should be reaching for the shoulders, biceps and neck. By taking a step in towards your partner’s chest, you put yourself in the perfect position to lock up a simple kimura attack. Danaher lands in what he calls the “T Kimura position” where his opponent’s back is leaning against his stomach. Because of the kimura lock, the only counter your opponent has is to turn in towards you. When you see him turn in, you want to slow him down by lifting the elbow, giving you space to bring your knee underneath the trapped arm. From here Danaher takes his foot and leg over his training partner’s head. When he fights to come up on top of you, simply kick through. Now you can come up into a belly down position to punch your legs through. This will allow you to lock up an incredibly tight figure four, setting up the strangle and forcing your opponent to tap.

This is a really tight triangle choke that is guaranteed to surprise your training partner. By anticipating their natural defensive response to the kimura lock you set yourself up for a highly effective triangle choke that your training partner will not see coming. Give this one a shot the next time you are on the mats, I am sure you will love it!


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