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Leandro Lo Steps Down From Coaching To Focus On Competition

Leandro Lo Steps Down From Coaching To Focus On Competition


Six-Time IBJJF World Champion Leandro Lo has stepped down from his leadership position at the NS Brotherhood, a Sao Paulo team that he helped found. The decision has been made so that Leandro can continue to focus on competing, especially coming back from a devastating shoulder injury that has kept him out since Worlds of 2018. The team's management will now fall more to Augusto Ferrari, who already had a strong position in deciding the direction of the team and will continue to lead them. Ferrari is already making his presence felt with belt promotions of prospects like newly-minted black belt Pedro Elias.

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Leandro helped found the NS Brotherhood, a team whose name he has tattooed across his chest, in 2015 after leaving the Cicero Costha team with several other fighters. He has seen his career taken to a higher level, but after stumbling with injury at Worlds against Mahammad Aly (despite technically winning the Absolute by forfeit over Marcus Almeida), and dropping an early ADCC bout in 2017 to an unheralded Craig Jones, Lo still has a few steps to take before he can cement his legacy to the level he wishes.

While even most high-level competitors must supplement their income by teaching, Leandro is hoping that he can use that time to better prepare his own body. Coaching can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you are instructing at a competitive team like NS Brotherhood. With a shoulder injury and a heavy competition slate approaching, and a 2019 debut at the European Championships likely, Leandro Lo is setting himself up for an epic run.

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