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Get Ready For Gains With Gordon Ryan

Get Ready For Gains With Gordon Ryan


Often times Jiu-Jitsu practitioners scoff at the idea of lifting weights. The idea behind this is that time is better spent on the mats instead of in the gym. For beginners and people not totally intent on reaching the highest levels this is fine. For those looking to get the most out of their Jiu-Jitsu training incorporating strength and conditioning is a must, just ask Gordon Ryan

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Mr. Ryan has recently released "Getting Swole As A Grappler". This includes an instructional as well as an E-book to cover all of the concepts that has helped develop Gordon Ryan into one of the best grapplers on Earth. The curtain is peeled back on diet tips, supplements, mentality, as well as most importantly the lifting techniques. 

With the internet allowing the techniques arms race to even out, the next plain of battle in the grappling game is who has the best technique and enough strength to finish the fight. Although one of the founding principles in BJJ is technique beat strength (see Nogueira vs Bob Sapp), what happens when technique is equal? The stronger, better conditioned athlete is likely to come out on top. 

Typically if you are using strength while doing Jiu-Jitsu the clock on your energy level is ticking. Even with the best practitioners there comes a time when strength is needed. Often times this is during the finish. Whether it be breaking the opponents grip while they defend an arm lock, or snagging a bow and arrow choke some strength on top of technique is needed. 

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Strenght and conditioning training isn't always about how much your max lifts are. Pro BJJ'ers train and teach multiple classes per day. This can be very taxing on your body. There are beliefs out there that strength training will only add to the fatigue. What actually happens is much different. Strength training can alleviate joint pain as well as loosen them and allow maximal range of movement within the joint. Stretching also plays a large role in recovery. 

Stretching is also covered in "The King's" instructional. Stretching allows the muscles to receive the necessary blood flow that reduces lactic acid build up as well as allowing vital nutrients to travel throughout your body, thus helping the recovery process. Speaking of vital nutrients, diet also plays a major role in overall health. 

One of the last things covered in this mega instructional is some diet tips as well as a couple of handy recipes. Nutrition is one of the most neglected areas of overall fitness for not only BJJ athletes but in the general population as well. Mr. Ryan covers everything from shopping for food, to preparing it. He also includes a couple of crucial recipes that has helped him become the "King" of grappling.


Are you ready for Gordon Ryan Level Gains? No better time than now to up your game off the mats to help your game on the mats! 



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