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Learn Kurt Osiander’s Armbar Escape

Learn Kurt Osiander’s Armbar Escape


Great Armbar Escape With The OG, Kurt Osiander!

The armbar is a traditional submission in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that involves hyperextension of the arm at the elbow. This submission can be excruciating and is one of the more common submissions used in competition and MMA. This submission can be attacked from both the guard and top positions like mount and side control. For the newer students, escaping this submission can be a nightmare. With the right knowledge, however, you can quickly improve your chances of defending and escaping the armbar.

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The first thing that a defender most continuously pay attention to and remain attentive to is the location of each part of their arm. If the shoulder is shallow, then the armbar will be weak, but if its deep, then the defender should prepare for a more difficult escape. Second, as Kurt mentions, the elbow should be kept closer to the defender than the attacker. Finally, keep your upper arm and thumb pointed in the direction of your head in case you need to attempt a hitchhiker escape.

Timing of this armbar escape is crucial. As Kurt mentions, don’t waste your time bridging if your opponent has their hand as a base on the ground. They will have a lot more power to push you down here and it will just make you more exhausted. Instead, wait for that precise moment where they bring their base in to help to begin your movements. This drill requires an explosive bridge than will surprise the attacker. If they see this defense coming, they will use the leg over your head to easily push you back down.

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Finally, I wanted to discuss a problem I see a lot when people attempt this escape. After bridging and forcing the attacker on their side, where they are weak, a lot of grapplers tend to get stuck and are not able to get up to their knees, which is crucial. In order to prevent this, maintain the bridge the entire time and remove the bottom knee out first. This will make getting to the top much more smooth.

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