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Backstep to Outside Heel Hook and Knee Bar with Joel Bouhey

Backstep to Outside Heel Hook and Knee Bar with Joel Bouhey


Quick Backstep Entry For A Quick Leg Lock Setup!

Using the backstep pass to enter the legs has become a classic entry. Although the backstep can be used for a multitude of other tasks including knee bars, alternate passing concepts, and much more, the backstep can be a direct route to entering the leg game, particularly the saddle. When you begin delving into leg locks, this is a great place to start. It’s one of the less elaborate entries into one the best leg entanglements in the game.

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Commonly, the backstep is used from half guard. Many times, after our partner has achieved an under hook, or we’ve baited them by allowing them to acquire one. Here’s a very quick video from Joel Bouhey demonstrating this exact entry. Give it a look!

As Bouhey’s partner takes the under hook, he begins his backstep. Once the backstep has been performed, Bouhey collects the top leg of his partner with an over hook after his partner uses it to protect himself from the knee bar. Bouhey then forms a triangle with his legs to lock in the position. Bouhey leaves the over hook on his partner’s leg behind for a grip on his partners tendon near the knee. This helps him immobilize the leg, and begin to secure the heel for an outside heel hook. If his partner rotates to the top to relieve the pressure from the heel hook, Bouhey then transitions to the knee bar.

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We often see the inside heel hook being utilized from this position. It’s nice to see a couple different options from here!

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