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Learn The Best Sweep Of ADCC 2019

Learn The Best Sweep Of ADCC 2019



With none other than The King Himself!

ADCC 2019 was a wild ride! There were many great story lines going into the even, and possibly even MORE after it was all over. When the dust settled, many were calling it the greatest ADCC of all-time. 

Craig Jones continued climbing the ladder and earned a silver medal. Nicky Rodriguez took on the sports top competition as a blue belt, and earned a silver medal. We also go to see a david vs goliath(s) situation when Lachlan Giles Heel Hooked THREE of the best Jiu-Jitsu athletes in the game! And of course you had Gordon Ryan earning double gold honors by taking out ...EVERYBODY. 

Gordon had 8 matches and finished 6 of them with a submission on his way to earning the top honors of the tournament. Anyone not stuck in “hater-ville” probably expected big things from Gordon, but to run the field 7 months removed from a serious knee surgery is unheard of. 

So what does one do after winning the most prestigious grappling tournaments on earth? You show everyone EXACTLY how you do it that’s what. Gordon Ryan is the type of guy to whoop on you and afterwards, he will show you how to get whooped less! My Evolution Your Revolution is a complete analysis of Ryan’s ADCC 2019 triumphs. If you are wondering what that looks like here is a little example of the instruction portion of the instructional. 


Faria refers to this sweep as quite possibly the best sweep of ADCC 2019. While technically it is a thing of beauty, why this is the best sweep lies more on the quality of opposition. You see Gordon didn’t land this one night at the academy, he did it on the biggest stage against BUCHECHA!

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The sweep itself has a couple of key aspects that Ryan makes sure to point out. One thing that sticks out is the position of the elbow on top of the shoulder crush. If it flattens there is a good chance that Bernardo is going to be able to retrieve his arm from the shoulder crush which would allow him to defend the sweep. 

Another unique aspect of this technique is how Gordon sets it up. Instead of falling to his hip that is conducive to the arm drag he falls to the other side. This unorthodox approach to the arm drag sets up the reaction of posting the shoulder. As the shoulder is posted Ryan pulls forward with his legs to make Bernardo post on the mat which allows him to trap the posting arm. If you have ever watched Gordon use this technique once he traps that arm, there is a very good chance you are going to get swept!

In his instructional Gordon changes the layout that we have all become accustomed to. While many components are there Gordon flips the script by showing you the techniques in his matches and talks you through his thought process. He then demonstrates how to pull of the same tactics he used during the match. My Evolution Your Revolution By Gordon Ryan shows you how he beat the very best of Jiu-Jitsu.

My Evolution Your Revolution by Gordon Ryan
You know what is even more effective than seeing the technique demonstrated? Seeing the technique pulled of LIVE! My Evolution Your Revolution has a multiphase approach to ensuring that you walk away more knowledgeable grappler. Gordon walks you through the match itself, while demonstrating the tactics that lead him to Double Gold!



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