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Get A Grip On Guard Retention With Alec Baulding

Get A Grip On Guard Retention With Alec Baulding



Regardless if it’s your first time rolling or if you are ten classes in after getting your purple belt, you are probably going to get your guard passed. So don’t stress because you are not alone. Keeping your guard intact can be one of the most difficult tasks in all of Jiu-Jitsu. There are many facets to a good system of guard retention so it’s important to try and apply as many as you can to reclaim your guard!

Being on the attack is a great concept to drill home right from the jump. If you are constantly putting your opponent on the defensive it can be difficult to successfully attempt to pass the guard. Any good guard passer is going to create tempo when they are passing. In many circumstances if you are the one attacking there is a good chance you are going to find some success. 

For finer details it’s beneficial to study great athletes who consistently put it on the line in competition and who also put their thoughts/techniques online for us to see! A great example of this is Alec Baulding. Alec is a ADCC Trials winner, and has a top-notch YouTube channel that contains a lot of quality content.  

Keeping The Guard by Alec Baulding is an instructional dedicated to guard retention!  Click Learn more!

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Let’s take a look at a couple of concepts broken down by Alec from his Youtube page. Alec not only fills in the gaps of your game with decisive details he covers broader concepts that can assist overall. Check it out!


Alec emphasizes being offensive from the guard. The term guard in general can be looked at as solely defensive. However if you have spent 36 seconds on the mat with a great guard player, you know that isn’t the case. For Alec it’s all about establishing the dominant grips first! In this instance as his opponent approaches his open guard to grip Alec’s pants, to counter Baulding immediately grabs his partner’s sleeve. 

Now this is where the granular details start to add up. Baulding does not simply grab a grip and hope for the best by relying on hand strength. Instead he aims to put his knuckles into his hip to control his opponent’s sleeve. He uses this grip to set up his shallow lasso guard which affords him more control over his partner’s upper body. 

Alec offers a unique blend of details mixed with overarching concepts that can improve your overall guard retention. If you only focus on specifics you can be easily thrown off course. While at the same time if you are only concerned with the bigger picture you can lose the tactical battle that’s taking place in front of you. This is what makes Keeping The Guard such a useful tool for anyone looking to make their guard GREAT. 

Alec Baulding teaches the UNTEACHABLE in Keeping The Guard! Keeping and maintaining the guard is one of the deciding factors in MOST MATCHES! Stop your guard from getting passed and if it does....GET IT BACK! Keeping The Guard By Alec Baulding Has you COVERED!



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