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Leg Pummel For Foot Locks For Non-Stop Submission Attacks

Leg Pummel For Foot Locks For Non-Stop Submission Attacks


Leg Pummeling Inside Control by Charles Harriott

Charles Harriott is a lifelong martial artist with a passion for Jiu Jitsu and a focus on a conceptual approach to teaching. Check out this awesome take on leg pummeling concepts with black belt, Charles Harriott. In the video below Charles shows an easy warm up drill that will help you are working leg locks in a live roll.

Leg Pummeling is a vital skill for attacking leg locks. Without this vital skill, your leg lock game will be weak.


Watch the video now and then we will break down his technique!

This warm up drill is all about the game of securing inside control. When you think about it wrestling, the first think you always want is a double under hook. This principle applies to the legs as well. Charles Harriott demonstrates what inside control his with the legs. To drill this technique, start off with your partner in this position. Take your hands off the floor and now take turns pummeling with your legs for inside control. Pay attention to where Harriott places his foot at the side of his opponent’s thigh, using it as a blade to apply pressure and dig in, while his shin pushes out on the other side of the leg. This is a great exercise to warm up as well as getting used to basic pummeling to teach you inside control with your legs. This exercise can be made better by adding your hands in. To do this place your hands in a monkey grip around your opponent’s Achilles tendon. Now when you pummel with your legs you are required to first pass your opponent’s grips by taking your leg outwards before pummeling in. If his elbow is over your toes you have to roll out and around his arm with your leg. As a last piece of advice, Charles Harriott mentions not to have your hands behind you on the mats.

This is a simple warm up that teaches you how to pummel with your legs. You may have done this with your arms from a standing position before. But I like this leg pummeling too because it focuses on the same technique using the lower half of your body. So the next time you are warming up in class, grab a partner about your size and give this warm up technique a try!

Craig Jones is one of the best grapplers in the world today and he is notorious for his lower body attacks. He has one of the most unique leg attack systems there is, including how to attack from half guard, butterfly guard and 50/50 guard. Become a leg lock machine and learn to get them from everywhere with Craig Jones.



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