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Let Craig Jones Inspire You In This Short Documentary

Let Craig Jones Inspire You In This Short Documentary


A Little Background The Australian Sensation!

Although Craig Jones has been competing successfully for years, the Australian’s popularity didn’t explode till 2017 in a stellar performance in the ADCC World Championship, the most notorious and challenging competitive scene in the sport. Jones went on to submit Leandro Lo and Murilo Santana even though he was a clear underdog in both matches.

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Craig Jones also started off 2018 on a tear becoming the Polaris 185 lb champion by defeating Jakes Shields, a legend in MMA that trains with the notorious Danaher Death Squad. In both 2017 and 2018, Jones won 24 matches with an 80% submission rate. He has only lost by submission to Gordon Ryan twice in both years.

If you are unaware of Stuart Cooper, he is a Jiu Jitsu practitioner that has made numerous short and long films about Jiu Jitsu and many of the legends of the sport. In his latest film, Cooper explores Craig Jones's life and success in a very inspiring way.


In this documentary film, Jones discusses some of the difficulties he has had early on the sport that many grapplers who want to be successful and make money experience. He explains that it is extremely cost ineffective to try to become a successful grappler without a job due to the need to pay for travel expenses and training fees. Until one becomes very well known, it is near impossible to sustain oneself without making huge sacrifices as he did.

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Jones also discusses the difficulty of coming up in the Australian Jiu Jitsu scene because he was limited in training with the best in the world, who were mostly located in America. It wasn’t till he moved to Melbourne to train fulltime with Absolute MMA and with Lachlan Giles that his game exploded and began making huge gains in the sport.

Craig Jones’s life story is inspirational in many ways. Jones always believed in himself strongly enough to risk lots of money traveling to compete, including selling his car to go to ADCC trials. His story also shows us that one does not have to train at the biggest academies in the world to be successful and that it just takes hard work, confidence, and strong will. Jones is also probably one of the nicest guys in the whole sport.

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