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No Gi Stack Pass Details with Lachlan Giles

No Gi Stack Pass Details with Lachlan Giles

Problem Solving The Stack Pass!

Stacking a flexible opponent can be quite an endeavor, especially in no gi. Without the kimono grips present, you may find it difficult to anchor yourself to your partner, making settling in a bit difficult. However, this does not mean that the stack pass isn’t a good option for no gi passing, you may just need to make more incremental, calculated adjustments to get it to work for you. When we stack someone, the goal is to get the hips above their shoulders. If we can put our partner in this position the finish is a little more within our reach.

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Lachlan Giles has some tips on how you can improve your no gi stack pass in this video. He breaks down the movements in some easy to follow steps. Check it out!

Lachlan begins by circling his hands to the underside of his partners foot, and the back of the knee and connects to him using V-style grips. As he does this, he also lowers his level, and comes forward a bit. Using straight arms to press into his partner will shut down the pommeling of his partners legs. This is a very important detail!

As his partner’s hips rise off of the floor Giles brings his knees under them to keep them from returning to the ground. He then follows up by placing his chest under the hips, and staying nice and low to again keep his partners hips from descending back down to the floor. Giles then drops his right knee to the floor, reaches across his partners waistline with his right arm, and around his lower back with his left arm. With all of these things in place, he’s able to work his head into the space between his partners belly and legs, and begins to remove the legs and flatten his partner.

Reaction 1 – As Giles is attempting to complete the pass his partner frames his hip on the passing side. To combat this, Giles threads his knee between his partners body and arm, shutting down the defense. The pass is then finished the same way, but Giles now ends up in side control with an arm trapped, which is quite favorable.

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Reaction 2 - As Giles begins the stack his partner attempts to roll in order to counter the stack. If all of our positional bases are covered here, our chest will be glued to our partner’s lower back. As they roll, we simply need to stay connected and let our connection float to the upper back where we can secure a seatbelt grip and begin looking to secure the back position.

There are some extremely common issues that we all deal with being discussed here, with some fantastic answers! Remember that BJJ is a game of inches, and the higher the level of your partner the more you’ll have to respect that idea. Don’t get greedy, be patient and pay attention to the fine details. You’ll be glad you did!

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