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Let Tom DeBlass Change Your Mind

Let Tom DeBlass Change Your Mind


Your Mind Will Get You to Black Belt and Beyond

There are as many reasons to start training BJJ as there are students currently training.  Everyone who has ever walked into a Jiu Jitsu academy for the first time, whether they have consciously thought about it or not, are looking for something. 

Whether they are looking for a great workout to get into better shape, or perhaps they are looking to learn some practical self defense techniques, or maybe they just enjoy MMA and are looking to experience some ground training for themselves, it doesn't really matter.  Once they begin training, they will quickly find that jiu jitsu gives them so much more than what they were initially seeking.

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The Road to Black Belt can be very long.  The length of time it takes to achieve the coveted black belt in jiu jitsu for most practitioners can be upwards of a decade or more.  Over that time, they will move through a series of colored belts, which in many cases, they will spend as much time at as they might to achieve a black belt in other martial arts.

Over the course of that long road, many practitioners don't make it.  It is commonly stated that less than 5% of people who start BJJ will ever receive their black belt.  The reasons for someone to leave are just as varied as those reasons which brought the person to the mats.  But most of the reasons that people leave can be boiled down to one core issue, the practitioner's Mindset.


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This is where Tom DeBlass and BJJ Fanatics come in.  They have joined forces to provide the first BJJ specific Mindset instructional that will help everyone who starts training stay on the road to black belt.  Think of it as GPS for your personal journey.  

Find Your Reason To Show Up

From the outset of the course, Tom DeBlass is going to ask you to reflect on the reasons you started BJJ and to always be mindful of reasons to show up.  Every day of training is not going to be a good day of training.  In the beginning, you are going to find yourself physically, mentally and emotionally challenged and you must develop strategies to keep showing up.  Listening to Tom's own personal stories of his jiu jitsu journey with the bonus audio files is going to go a long way towards keeping you on the path.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

In this series, Tom DeBlass is going to explain the differences between having a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset and how BJJ challenges your ability to stay fixed.  This single segment in Part One of The Road to Black Belt is worth the purchase price because the more you are able to reflect on the limitations that we all naturally put on our own mindsets, you will begin seeing your jiu jitsu with a new, clearer lens that will also translate to all areas of your life.

BJJ Belt Mindsets

In Part Two of the series, DeBlass breaks down the mindset perspectives of each of the color belts and the black belt.  Should white belts approach things differently than blue belts?  How do you survive the dreaded "blue flu" when many people decide to stop training at blue belt?  All of these questions and more are addressed in Part Two of The Road to Black Belt and Beyond.

Should I Compete?

The question of competition is one of the most compelling that any practitioner can face.  On one hand, the sport of jiu jitsu offers opportunities for everyday people to feed their competitive drives nearly every single weekend with the plethora of competitions available.  On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of practitioners does not compete and that is perfectly fine.  In Part Three of The Road to Black Belt, DeBlass is going to talk about competition from the average practitioner's perspective and from someone who wants to chase a World Championship.

Overcoming Defeat, Setbacks, Injuries

Part Four of The Road to Black Belt focuses on the inevitable road blocks that can occur over the long road to black belt.  Whether it is overcoming defeat, working through injury, or balancing the other areas of your life with your love of jiu jitsu, Tom DeBlass has simple advice that will help you keep your mind right when everything else seems to be standing in your way.

No matter what belt level you currently hold and even if you already have achieved that black belt in BJJ, this series will help you develop one of the most neglected aspects of our jiu jitsu training, our minds.  With The Road to Black Belt and Beyond, you will get over 2 and a half hours of advice that will ensure that you easily work through anything life and BJJ can throw your way.  You will also receive a companion EBook and audio files to be able to listen to Tom anywhere and at any time.  Get your copy here!






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