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Level Change and Penetration by Henry Cejudo

Level Change and Penetration by Henry Cejudo



One of the most under trained elements of Jiu Jitsu is stand-up. Because guard passing is such a viable option for many grapplers, they determine that there is no need to train wrestling and get good at it. Many will argue that since the goal of Jiu Jitsu is to get to the ground and finish from there, you can skip the wrestling and just sit down. This is based off the false premise that the goal of Jiu Jitsu is to get to the ground. The goal of Jiu Jitsu is to submit your opponent.


Wrestling is important for multiple reasons. First, the top position is generally always superior to the guard because finishing submissions from positions like side and mount control is much easier since gravity can assist the top player. One of the best ways to achieve top position is to takedown opponents. This is why you will see grapplers who prefer the top position wrestle for a longtime rather than pull guard.


Wrestling is also necessary for grapplers who wish to improve in self defense. You can be the best black belt in the world, but if you end up in a self defense scenario, you need to be able to take down the aggressor. Pulling guard is clearly not a good option here.

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The first thing a grappler who wishes to improve their wrestling should learn is the level change and penetration. This is the basis of most takedowns, and although it appears simple, it is actually very intricate and requires a lot of training. The following video by Henry Cejudo illustrates how to perform penetration in great detail.



The concept behind the penetration step is simple and concise. The problems most people have with the penetration is the small details. Any minor error in the penetration can make the takedown obsolete. Some of the important details Cejudo discusses is keeping the rear leg floating rather than sliding it, and shooting from a staggered leg position.

The best way to improve your penetration step is to drill it every time you train. This is a very simple movement and devoting at least 5-10 minutes a training sessions can help improve your wrestling drastically. 


Looking to dive further into the depths of the stand-up game? Might as well start with the best. Henry Cejudo has you covered!




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