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Lightning Strikes For the Second Time With Danaher's Back System

Lightning Strikes For the Second Time With Danaher's Back System


John Danaher has done it again.  As if his revolutionary Leg Locks:  Enter the System didn't send enough shock waves through the jiu jitsu and submission grappling world as competitors and average practitioners around the world raced to get their copy of this key to the success of the Danaher Death Squad.  Around the world thousands upon thousands of virtual Danaher senpeis are working on their ashi garami entries and studying the nearly 10 hours of content in that series.  But today, the game has changed yet again, with the release of what will most definitely be Danaher's magnum opus, his Back Attacks:  Enter the System.

As groundbreaking as the work he and his team have done to create a complete system of leg submissions, inspired by the great Dean Lister and his off-handed comment about ignoring 50% of the human body, when Danaher said that he didn't train leg locks many years ago and as important as this leg system as been to the team's success, the true foundation of their success has been in the world of back attacks and specifically rear naked strangles from the back.  No other position or technique, for Danaher, more symbolically sums up the gentle art of jiu jitsu than the rear naked strangle.  Like Helio Gracie is known to have said, tough opponents can survive joint submissions, but with the choke, there are no tough guys.  We all go to sleep if the move is executed properly.

The submission grappling scene is littered with the victims of the Danaher Death Squad's back attacks.  Every single member from Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon, the Ryan brothers and more has effectively used the back strangle in competition and this system is going to give you another 10 hours of systematic instruction that like his leg lock system will not only give you techniques, but also a new way to look at the position and jiu jitsu in general.

Check out this short video focused on the one tiny, but supremely important element of Danaher's back control system, namely the use of the hands to control the opponent's defensive hands.  This powerful adaptation to the control of the opponent can greatly increase the likelihood of the submission, while also minimizing the chances of their escape.

 If you already have John Danaher's other course, then you know the quality and detail contained with the first series.  The Back Attacks:  Enter the System is no different and brings the same level of instruction to a position that John is even more passionate about, and he's pretty damn passionate about leg attacks!  Don't wait, check it out today!





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