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Trust the Process. You’re Learning More than you Think.

Trust the Process. You’re Learning More than you Think.


Have you ever learned a particular technique In BJJ class, only to have it completely slip your mind almost immediately after you were exposed to it? Don’t worry. Even when you think your mind isn’t paying attention, it is. Learning BJJ is an ongoing process. We cling to certain themes that suit our needs at that particular moment in our training. Sometimes we’re not ready to put a certain idea to use at the time we receive it. This does not mean that you didn’t absorb the information. It simply means it was brought to your attention during a time in your training where you weren’t ready for it.

Don’t stress. This is common at the inception of your BJJ training.

Give the techniques time to process. Sometimes our bodies need a little bit of time to catch up with our minds. The brain loves what it sees, and the body says, “huh?” You will be surprised as you continue on your journey how often a technique you thought had been lost forever will rear its head in your training. It’s actually a lot of fun when this happens and rewarding in a certain kind of way.

So many of the mechanics we learn in BJJ are brother and sisters to hundreds of different techniques, so while you’re learning a new escape, you may also be downloading a missing piece to that armbar sequence you didn’t understand last time. Catch my drift?

The main thing to consider here is to not become inundated, or frustrated. Just ride the wave. You’re learning even when you think you aren’t, and when it’s time, your body will produce the results you’ve been patiently waiting for. Get to class, trust the process, be patient, and enjoy the ride!

One of the best things to do when you're feeling like you're not making progress is to try to focus on something new.  Using a great resource like Bernardo Faria's "Foundations of BJJ" series, you will be able to review all of the most important positions and techniques according to five time world champion Bernardo Faria.  This will give you a break from worrying so much and give you a new project to focus on.  Check it out here at BJJ Fanatics!




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