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Make Mistakes and Make Them Going Forward

Make Mistakes and Make Them Going Forward


Mistakes are healthy.  Not trying again is not.

Have you ever walked on a tight rope? If you stay in one place and worry about every facet of your balance, chances are you are going to fall. If you step right on and start traveling forward all of a sudden your balance will take hold, and you will make it further than if you just stayed in one place waiting to walk. This is emblematic for many things in life. If you stay in one place focusing on your problems nothing will ever get done. The best remedy to overcome over analysis is to take that first step towards action.

No activity embraces mistakes quite like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Every time a mistake is made an opportunity to break new ground is in front of you. This important concept is why it is ok to make mistakes as long as you make them going forward. What does this mean? Making mistakes going forward means not getting hung up on mistakes, but instead focusing on the bigger picture.

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 Often times a new practitioner will attempt a technique only to have one small detail hinder their success. Just because you are missing one detail doesn’t mean you are missing every detail. Allow the things you are doing correctly to flourish. If you stop what you are doing at the first problem, you might just miss out on the opportunity to have success with other areas of the technique.

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For example, in this video BJJ Fanatic’s own Adam Wardzinski demonstrates a butterfly guard technique. This technique involves pulling your opponents weight on top of you before executing the sweep. A common mistake with this technique would be losing the belt grip during the sweeping motion. One could simply stop what they are doing during training and start all over again. Instead what if the practitioner continued the sweeping motion? Most likely the opponent being swept would surely post out their hand, thus stifling the technique. On one hand you are executing the technique incorrectly, and on the other you start to see what your opponent’s intentions are. Next time surely do not relinquish the belt grip, but let’s not forget what we learned about our opponent because you never know when that will come in handy.

Even when mistakes are made knowledge can be obtained and utilized. Great Jiu-Jitsu practitioners think multiple moves ahead based on certain reactions. When we take action we start a chain of events that hopefully we can capitalize on. How we train will determine how well we become acclimated to things not going our way, and if we can regain ground from our mistakes.

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