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Make Sure your Opponents are Paying Attention with These Sneaky Foot Locks

Make Sure your Opponents are Paying Attention with These Sneaky Foot Locks


Sneaky Is Sometimes Best...

Foot locks aren’t going anywhere! Maybe the hype has subsided a bit with the so called “dark arts” of BJJ, but they are definitely here to stay and continue to evolve. Practitioners all over the world continue to take the mechanics of leg locking further a further down the rabbit hole, creating new and bizarre techniques, and discovering new entries and positions to apply the locks to. Its been pretty fun to watch the evolution and expansion of the leg lock game over the last few years. The rise of the leg lock and its effectiveness in the competition scene is undeniable, and we’re all excited to see where the game is headed next.

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Let’s take a look at something a little more unorthodox today. Here’s a couple foot locks that you may not have seen, brought to you by Warren Brooks. Have a look.

These are some pretty simple ideas that may be flying under your radar. The first foot lock is performed from the bottom mount. It's quite sneaky how Brooks is able to set this particular one up. He’s able to push Faria’s knee down, use some tricky footwork to get the foot up on to his own thigh, and into a figure four situation with his legs. Then with a push/pull motion he applies the lock, which looks to be ultra-tight!

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With his back taken, and one hook in Brooks uses the same figure four lock to apply a devastating straight ankle style lock to Faria's bottom hook.

These are fairly simple, and what I like the most is that they’re both performed from what would normally be considered bad positions. Sneaky stuff here!

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