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Develop A NASTY Closed Guard With The Drill

Develop A NASTY Closed Guard With The Drill


Developing a Killer Closed Guard With This Jiu Jitsu Drill

Closed guard submissions and sweeps can be sharpened by various jiu jitsu drills.

Yes, the closed guard may favor longer leg fighters, However, no matter the type of body that you have, you will definitely be doing yourself a world of good by developing a proper understanding of the closed guard sequences and the wide array of submissions and sweeps that can be achieved.

As a beginner in jiu jitsu, you will need to also spend quite a lot of time with trying to get a proper understanding of the closed guard (or guard in general), understanding the capabilities that it provides you as well as the useful self-defense possibilities that it holds.


When you dive deeper into your training and you see the options available to you, you can choose to stray away from the closed guard in favor of some other more dynamic guards.

Perhaps you might find butterfly guard, the half guard, or any other form of guard that piques your fancy over the course of your progression that is able to fit your personal preferences as well as the type of body that you have.

What guard style fits your game?  We think closed guard and half guard are absolute necessities for gi and no gi jiu jitsu.


Consider some really simple drilling techniques from the closed guard. One of the most effective drills of the closed guard is a really common chain of submission.

As a matter of fact, it is so common that there is a high probability that you– a beginner- have already been introduced to it. However, if by chance you have not, then there is no doubt to the fact that you will want to add this to your repertoire of skills.

There are quite a lot of submissions that this closed guard submission chain drill has to offer, and you can also watch various instructional videos that contain all the fine details and attacks you can hit.


There is an intricate connection between jiu jitsu techniques such as the arm bar, triangle and omoplata.

When trying to make a transition between all of these foundational jiu jitsu guard techniques, you will find that things are quite simple, and in most cases, you’ll likely find out that these transitions can also be performed with nothing more than a hip escape.

However, with these, what you are actually looking to build is your ability to pinpoint the perfect opportunity and react in a closed guard setting. By making an addition of this kind of grappling drill to the closed guard work that you’re doing, you will find yourself developing a more refined understanding of some of the most basic kinds of guard attacks.

So get to work developing your closed guard! You actually have quite a lot to do- and learn.

PS - if you're looking for more details on how to attack, sweep and submit from closed guard, check out legendary grappler Tom DeBlass and his Closed Guard DVD / On Demand Series.


This 4-volume DVD instructional video set has Tom Deblass’s best grappliung counters to all the most common closed guard passes you will come across.

Ever find yourself getting stacked from guard, someone bigger and stronger leaning you up on your neck until you have no choice but to hold on for dear life or give up the position? You are far from alone, and now you can finally have an answer for next time.

Even better, you’ll even learn the key details to finishing a submission lock once you get stacked. Those problems against the pressure fighters in your gym can be a thing of the past! What about someone sliding their knee into your guard, popping it open and leaving you playing catch-up? You are an adjustment away from taking your control back, and Tom is here to show you how.



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