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Man Fights Milwaukee Police


Control These Moments. And Be Safe On The Streets.

If you have not seen this video yet, it happened on May 5, 2018. Multiple Police officers try to arrest a single man. They hit him with their batons, used tasers and pepper spray (luckily nobody took their gun out). All while the man stood there screaming and taking the attack. It is not known whether he was on drugs, suffers from mental health problems or what could have caused him to continue fighting through all of it, but he did. It took six to seven officers to finally get him down, followed by punches, more baton strikes, and kicks to the downed man to finally subdue and arrest him. Not one police officer looked as if they knew even basic grappling, not a single well executed takedown, zero understanding of how to control someone on the ground. It took six police officers all striking the man in the legs, body, and head to finally gain control. Yes, this was a big strong man, but even if one well trained officer could not handle it surely two or three BJJ trained officers could have handled the situation without the amount of strikes and violence that was shown.

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Here, police officer and Tom DeBlass BJJ black belt Freddy Trillo shows a takedown, how to maintain control, a kimura, and how to use the kimura to arrest someone. People like Professor Freddy offer BJJ lessons specifically for police officers. I ask, that if you are a police officer, learn BJJ. Not even for the fact that it will keep you safe and alive, but because it can help you protect those that you are arresting. Take the first video for example, what if that man just suffers of mental illness and was not in control of his actions?

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Did he really deserve all the damage he was forced to take? Look into furthering your training, many schools offer free, reduced pricing, or classes specifically for Law Enforcement Officers. Think about how that would change your ability to control someone, the ability to keep yourself safe, your partner safe, and the person you are arresting safe. That is confidence that you really cannot put a price on, especially when your job relies on such abilities.

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