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Street Fight in the Snow!

Street Fight in the Snow!


Bullys Are ALWAYS Ready. YOU ALWAYS Be Ready In ALL Weather Conditions

BJJ does not work in the “street”, it does not work on uneven surfaces or anywhere that is not matted! We hear it all the time, usually from disillusioned traditional martial artist and reality based self defense guys, but here we have a full contact fight in the snow settle some hometown beef between a man and his local bully.

The BJJ man starts by using light footwork, trying to find an opening. They exchange a few punches before they finally clinch. The BJJ practitioner goes for single leg only to be sprawled on by the bigger bully, he tries to turn it into a double leg only to be further sprawled on. Accepting that finishing the takedown would require too much energy than he would like to use (or maybe he did not know how to finish it) he beautifully replaces his guard by sitting through to a half guard then replaces all the way to a full guard.

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The man on top has no sense of how to sit in the guard or how to make posture, making the armbar and easy attack for the small BJJ fighter. Ending the fight quickly and with little damage done to the bully, both men shake hands and go home safely. This again shows the beauty of “The Gentle Art”, what could have been a bloody fight was ended by a submission, when he heard the man yelp in pain he released the arm lock. Few martial arts have the ability to allow both fighters to go home safely.

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