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Intimidated by the Leg Lock Game? Build Your Skills with Leg Pummeling Drills

Intimidated by the Leg Lock Game? Build Your Skills with Leg Pummeling Drills


Start Slow, And Leg Lock ALL In No Time!

When we begin attacking the legs, just like any other skillset, there are principles to be adhered to. We often hear rules in BJJ that include the terms, “the inside track”, “inside control”, etc. This concept shows it’s face in many different situations, most notably when were wrestling, or working form the top or bottom position in the guard.

This same idea translates to the leg game as well. Like pummeling with the arms in wrestling, we can gain a great understanding of proper positioning for leg attacks by pummeling the legs as well. Whether you’re attacking or defending you’ll want to be hunting for the inside track when engaging in most leg entanglements.

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Check out this short video on leg pummeling from Charles Harriot. It's incredibly simple to follow and gives us a great jumping off point to begin understanding the positioning for successful conquest of the legs. See for yourself!

Harriot first demonstrates a simple cooperative drill that teaches us how to pummel our feet to the inside. There’s a great detail here that shouldn’t be overlooked. After gaining the inside position Harriot presses his toes into the outside of his partners thigh, and also puts outward pressure from his knee to the inside of his partners thigh to create a vice like effect, trapping his partners leg.

The hands are then added to the sequence, creating a more realistic feel, and also now adding a different dynamic to the drill. Pummeling the feet will now require a kick out away from the body to release the foot from his partners hand, and if the forearm of his partner is covering his shin Harriot also adds a small roll of the ankle to the sequence.

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It can be intimidating to delve into the leg lock game. Having drills like these are essential to making the endeavor a little easier. Start with these simple concepts and build on them to gain a greater understanding of what’s become a staple skill in BJJ. Get to work!

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