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Why BJJ Is So Important If You Conceal Carry

Why BJJ Is So Important If You Conceal Carry


Guns Do Not Solve All Your Self-Defense Problems...

The Gun. The end be all of self defense and fighting. Someone attacks you, just shoot him, quick and easy and you are home in time for supper...but it is not that simple. In that scenario above, you already have your gun out and you are ready for the attack, not quite how a self defense situation usually happens. A self defense situation is one in which you are not ready, you are attacked without warning or the factors leading up to the physical engagement happen too quick and without warning that you typically have to respond with some type of empty hand combatives before accessing your weapon. That is the part of training some many concealed carriers neglect. If your goal is to just get to your weapon and that guy attacking you is right on top of you, you may start accessing it but will most likely not get it out before he does serious harm to you, especially if he already had a weapon out to begin with.

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It is no argument that guns and knives beat fist, but if you lack the knowledge to get that weapon out while that person is on top of you swinging at you, trying to strangle you, or throw you down, what good is it? This is where ‘The Gentle Art’ comes in to play. BJJ (Wrestling, Judo and Sambo as well) gives us the necessary skills to close the distance, make it to the clinch, avoid damage and navigate the clinch, giving us the dominant angle in which we can then use to take them down and possibly submit them, land our own significant strikes, or if the situation call for it, access our own knife or gun.

So, if you do conceal carry, look into training grappling, if you already train and conceal carry mess around with scenarios during your live training to see if you would be able to deploy your weapon. This kind of training is essential for anyone who carries a weapon because it is one thing to carry a gun, another thing to know how to shoot it and a whole other thing to know how to deploy it in a hands on fighting/self defense situation!

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