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3 Gun Disarms with Eli Knight

3 Gun Disarms with Eli Knight


3 Gun Disarming Scenarios!

An extremely scary situation, somebody has a gun pointed at you. Should you find yourself in this terrible predicament, always try to defuse the situation, if that means giving up your car keys, your wallet, your new phone, do it. All of those belongings can be replaced, your life cannot. The time to fight back is when the person holding the gun does not leave after you give up the belongings, commands you to come with them, or if they try to take somebody else with them. Weapons training is not something to take lightly, this can be a potentially lethal situation. You must pressure test all of the techniques you learn, live drilling and sparring is a must after you learn the techniques. In this video Eli will demonstrate three disarms. Two from the front and one from the back.

The first technique is a gun held to the front. Eli deflects the weapon away from his body (grabbing and pushing the wrist) while simultaneously turning his body off the line of fire, then with the other hand he controls the weapon with a thumb down grip, pushing the weapon in, towards the thumb (the weakest part of the grip) to strip the weapon. Immediately he shoulder checks the attacker to make space. From here he can decide his next course of action.

The second technique is a gun held to the head. Dropping his base Eli gains a two on one control deflecting the weapon up. One hand on the wrist (weapon side hand) and the other hand to the barrel. Maintaining the barrel in a face up position, Eli pulls the gun down and into himself to break the grip. Remember, keep yourself out of the line of fire! After the disarm Eli then decides whether to continue fighting or to escape.

Lastly, a gun held to the back. After the prod into his back Eli looks behind him to see what it is that is going on, something that is a common reaction when poked in the back, this lets Eli figure out which hand has the weapon. Taking his body off the line of fire by turning as well as using his arm to divert the gun, Eli closes the distance to a front two on one position. The gun side arm is hugging the assailants wrist to his body to prevent him from turning the gun at him, while the other arm under hooks right above the elbow. From her Eli glues himself to the arm to stop its mobility, from here he can head butt and strike if need be. For the disarm he reaches over with the inside arm and twists the gun back at the attacker for the disarm. Same as above, he can now decide his next course of action, continuing the fight if need be, or escaping.

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