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Offensive Street Jiu Jitsu

Offensive Street Jiu Jitsu


The Not So Gentle Art?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is mostly known as an art of self defense, but there will be times when taking a proactive approach is needed. We specialize on the ground so it is imperative that as ground fighter we have tools to take the fight to the ground. This means being able to close the distance (with strikes if need be), securing a clinch, and executing a takedown (with the added help of strikes to “soften” our target). Then from there we can begin positionally dominating the opponent, landing more strikes, finishing with a submission, or even just putting them down and then running away to safety.

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Being proactive and not letting the assailant close the distance on his own terms, Eli initiates the fight back throwing a jab, then a looping corkscrew overhand to dig for his underhook, going directly for the single leg. From the single leg takedown he explains you can then finish with additional strikes, or follow him down to the ground, advancing your position.

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Next, if the assailant clamps your underhook, stopping you from going straight to the single leg, Eli comes back up, leading with a headbutt, secures an underhook, hooking the shoulder, as well as gains wrist control on the attacker. Then using head positioning, under the jaw/side of neck, Eli can then use strikes such as knees and elbows to set up a takedown. He uses an inside leg reap to clear the first leg, opening up the attacker for a hip toss. From there, Eli can continue with whatever force the situation deems necessary, maybe follow up strikes, maybe a submissions, or simply running away.

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