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Vinny Magalhaes Dominates PFL 9

Vinny Magalhaes Dominates PFL 9


 ADCC Vet Puts on MMA Show

The Professional Fighters League, previously known as World Series of Fighting, is bringing a new approach to MMA. The new vision they are taking bares resemblance to other American sports in such that rather than scheduled single fights during the year, fighters will be competing in a season followed by playoffs. The 2018 season has 72 fighters in 6 different weight classes leading to a single-elimination format playoff series. PFL 9 which occurred October 13th, marked the start of the playoff series.

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 Vinny Magalhaes, ranked first in the light heavyweight category, came out strong with two quickfire submissions. In the quarter-final bout, Magalhaes finished Rakim Cleveland in 1:21 in the first found with a beautiful kimura from the reverse triangle. In the semi-final match on the same night, Vinny finished a side control kimura in 1:58 against the tough and successful Russian Bazigit Atajev. Since fighting in PFL, Magalhaes has been able to win his four fights within two minutes.


Vinny Magalhaes’s victories over Atajev and Cleveland secured him a spot in the PFL championships scheduled for December 31st, 2018 in the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Vinny Magalhaes will be fighting Sean O’Connell for an expected $1 Million prize. O’Connell is an American fighter fighting out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He fought on multiple UFC cards including bouts against Ilir Latifi and Corey Anderson where he was unsuccessful. O’Connell secured a decisision victory against Dan Spohn and a knockout victory in the first round against Smealinho Rama to secure his spot in the PFL finals against Magalhaes.


In the following video, you will see Vinny’s slick finish against Rakim Cleveland. You can see that after successfully landing a flying triangle from the clinch, Vinny opts for a reversed triangle because Rakim is posting heavily on his left side, making it difficult to finish a classic triangle choke. Using the reverse grip, he grabs the kimura on the inside arm making it very difficult to defend.

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We are excited to see all the fights in the PFL finals, especially Magalhaes vs. O’Connell, where I predict another quick submission victory for Magalhaes.

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