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BJJ vs Basketball

BJJ vs Basketball


 What happens when tempers flare on the court?

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It starts off as an argument over basketball, as the argument heats you notice the man in the back and red shirts blades his shoulders and crouches a little (a good sign he is about to unload a big right haymaker). The man in green lowers his level and secures a palm to palm Gable grip around the other man's waist, too much forward momentum pulls them both to the ground with the BJJ practitioner on the bottom with an under hook.

Quickly he takes the back of the other man. He secures his hooks and starts attacking a rear naked choke, the bystanders freaking out over a choke attempt (because it's nicer to throw hands instead of submissions?) attempt to drag him out of his back control. Using the position he is now in the man in green locks the other guy into an armbar. The man in black feels the danger and stacks the BJJ practitioner, feeling the man's weight over his, the BJJ fighter transitions to a double outside ashi garami position, then passes the leg to the other side, now in a 50/50 guard, the BJJ practitioner locks up an inverted heel hook and uses the position to talk the other man down, telling him he will break his leg if he keeps fighting.

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Many lessons can be learned from this video. First, BJJ beats Basketball in a street fight. Second, there are verbal and physical signs that lead to a fight, watch for the ques and when noticed be prepared to act. Third, even in an environment without mats (gymnasium floor), multiple people, and strikes, “sport” BJJ moves such as heel hooks can be used if used properly under the right context. Fourth, BJJ gives you the power to destroy somebody but if used with caution and with the goal to preserve the other, both fighters can go home safely with minimal injury. Imagine if the man in green decided to tear the guys legs? He would never play basketball again, or at least not for quite some time, but because he used the position to gain compliance both fighters went home safely.

Luis Heredia is a long time Rickson Gracie black belt.  Few practitioners have studied self defense in a way that Luis Heredia has.  You can get his Pure Jiu Jitsu series here at BJJ Fanatics and be prepared for the streets!





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