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The Flying Triangle Strikes Again!

The Flying Triangle Strikes Again!


ADCC Veteran Flies High

The flying triangle made an appearance at PFL on Saturday night when Vinny Magalhaes executed a brilliant version of the technique during his bout with Rakim Cleveland. Magalhaes used the cage for what was one of the most nimble and effortless looking flying triangles we’ve ever seen. He ultimately finished the match with a brutal kimura, but the flying submission has been the big story from PFL.

Is the flying triangle a difficult move to execute? I find it’s almost treated as a taboo submission in some academies. But the inner workings of the flying triangle aren’t magic. As with any BJJ technique, they just require few well timed movements.

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There’s more than one way to set up the famous submission. Often times we see it from a single leg attempt, or a whizzer type situation, but the methods are endless. In this particular video Edwin Najmi demonstrates a simple version of the flying triangle. Give it a look!

Using his partners lapels to anchor himself securely, Najmi pulls down on his partners gi to cause a reaction. He stays close, and as his partner reacts to the bait by posturing up Najmi performs the acrobatic segment of the move that will land him in triangle set up position.

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The use of the lapels as an anchor will make his descent back to the training floor less dramatic. In a no gi situation you may want to invest in a good break fall to make your transition back to the mat a little less violent.

The triangle is finished in a traditional fashion once the Najmi gets the exchange back to the ground. The video is closed with a drill that may help you get the feel for the flying triangle before making the big leap. Another excellent way to get familiar is to secure the gi with judo style grips (collar and sleeve) and begin practicing making your leap to the waist first, much like jumping guard. As you become more comfortable, you can work your way up to the flying triangle. Do some research. The flying triangle may not be as far out of your realm of understanding than you think. If anything, it’s great to have some knowledge of the technique so you don’t fall victim to it. Get to work!

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