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Slick Lasso Guard Sweep with Marcos Tinoco

Slick Lasso Guard Sweep with Marcos Tinoco


NY City Black Belt Brings the Lasso 

A good lasso guard can frustrate even the most proficient BJJ player. The proper placement of the lasso can be very problematic when trying to advance, and it seems moving forward without first addressing the perils of the leg lasso cannot be done without consequence.

Marcos Tinoco is a black belt under Marcelo Garcia. Tinoco is no stranger to the lasso guard, and he’s been using it quite well to torment practitioners at the highest levels. Tinoco is also a beast without the gi, demonstrating his dominance at no gi pan ams this year, taking gold. His list of achievements continues to grow, and we don’t expect to see him slow down anytime soon.

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Tinoco recently spent some time with Bernardo Faria and in this video shows us a very nice lasso sweep to a quick arm bar. Have a look!

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With the lasso in place, Faria begins to circle around Tinoco in attempt to gain ground for a possible pass. Tinoco makes a priority of preventing Farias arm from getting to his head, and closing the gap. He does this by applying a simple frame at Farias bicep.

This is where things get a little more interesting. Tinoco then drops his lasso down to Faria’s knee area. His opposite foot is now charged with eh task of helping him to complete a hip switch, which will off balance Faria and produce the reversal.

Using his right foot again to scoot his hip under Faria’s shoulder, Tinoco the locks a figure 4 with his legs and secures a nice armlock.

This is an excellent option for this particular type of response to the lasso guard. There are lots of great mechanics at work here during the sweep, and the armbar is just icing. Keep it in the memory bank for the next time you decide to break out your lasso guard. Get to work!

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