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Seth Daniels Takes a Shot at Point-Based Grappling

Seth Daniels Takes a Shot at Point-Based Grappling


Do you agree with this assessment of points?

After wrapping up another energy filled show in Miami, Jiu-jitsu Times caught up with Seth Daniels for quick interview. Daniels has a way with words that always makes for an entertaining encounter. He briefly mentions that Fight To Win Pro has put on 91 shows in 3 years.

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This is no doubt a huge achievement for the organization, and everyone involved. We commend Seth and his amazing team on this monumental accomplishment. You can check out the interview here:

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It seems that Seth’s biggest driving force in his work is to showcase BJJ talent in all corners of the nation, and to spark an interest in the minds and hearts of those who have not stepped onto the mats yet. This is not a difficult task, considering how grand and awe inspiring the FTWPro shows are. They have a vibe that no other competition setting provides, and the athletes that participate at FTWPro are well taken care of.

It’s no secret Daniels is a fan of the submission only format, FTWPro is a submission only contest, with all techniques legal in no gi, and only slightly more constraints in the gi. In the video he states, “that’s not really fighting to win, you know, that’s just fighting not to lose”, referring to point based grappling.

What are your thoughts on this statement? Obviously point based competition is an enormous part of BJJ. But is it the best test of a grappler’s skills? The submission only format has definitely made one hell of a climb in popularity in recent years, and it’s only getting bigger. To each their own I suppose. Congratulations to Seth Daniels and his team on 91 successful FTWPro events, and here’s to many more!

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