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Craig Jones' ADCC Flying Triangle

Craig Jones' ADCC Flying Triangle


One of the breakout performance at the ADCC World Championships in Finland last Fall was that of Australian standout Craig Jones.  Having been a purple belt the last time the ADCC World Championships occurred made his breakout performance all the more meaningful.

One of the highlights of his ADCC run was an amazing flying triangle choke he was able to land on Murilo Santana.  In the video below, Craig breaks down the technique step by step.  Check it out!

 Wrist Control

One of the key elements of this particular set up was the manner in which Craig Jones controlled the wrist of Murilo.  By holding the wrist and applying palm pressure against the top of the hand, Craig is able to maintain extremely strong control.  


Once Murilo attempted the single leg, Craig secured an overhook which allowed him to kick his leg through while pulling the shoulder towards him.  This gave him the pathway to bring his dominant leg over the back to break down the posture.

The two details of using the dynamic wrist control and the over hook can be applied to a variety of scenarios, not solely the flying triangle.  Just because you don't see yourself trying a flying triangle soon, doesn't mean you can pull some details from the set up.

If you want to add some dynamic triangles to your game, check out Craig Jones' "Triangle Machine" instructional in convenient On Demand and DVD formats.  Who knows, maybe you'll have a breakout performance at the ADCC someday soon!






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