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John Danaher And the Creation of Dilemmas

John Danaher And the Creation of Dilemmas


Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that John Danaher is currently THE most sought after BJJ coaches and instructors on the planet, particularly in the area of leg locks.  His philosophic approach will have open the doors to a whole new group of techniques with which to maim your friends and enemies, but he will also give you a new way to think about jiu jitsu and the techniques.

In the video below, we see him discussing the concept of creating dilemas for our opponents.  With practice and proper approach, our goal should be to create a series of problems for our opponents to worry about and have to consider on our way towards our submission goals.

In this case, Danaher has a primary goal which is the inside heel hook.  He uses the straight ankle as a preliminary attack and the hand battle that ensues actually allows him to the set up and finish the primary attack.  Like any skill on the mats, building in the layers of attacks and creating these dilemmas will make us much more successful on the mats.

Very soon, the new and improved version of John Danaher's "Leglocks:  Enter the System" with improved audio and overall content flow will be released.  If you purchase the system now, you will get immediate access to the current version and will also get access to the improved version the moment it's released.  This version is over 10 hours of leg lock gold that will guarantee you will have everything you need except the Danaher accent to wreak havoc on your opponents legs.  Check it out!




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