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Save Your Life With This Full Nelson Defense from Dean Lister

Save Your Life With This Full Nelson Defense from Dean Lister


Dean Lister is a true OG of combat sports.  As one of the most successful ADCC competitors of all time, having won twice, not including a super fight for ADCC against the legendary Jean Jacques Machado, Dean's impact on every student of BJJ today continues to be felt. 

This is the guy who is credited with inspiring John Danaher to begin looking at the whole body in terms of submissions and to stop "ignoring 50% of the human body."  As a true pioneer of the leg lock game, Dean had made a casual comment during a training session and we know how that statement has worked out for most of the opponents of Danaher's Death Squad.

As a world class competitor, Dean Lister has also gotten to travel the world, having visited more than 44 countries and in his travels he has seen and learned a great deal about self defense.  One of the techniques that he has often seen utilized by security forces or bounces at clubs and bars, is the full nelson head lock.

The full nelson, unlike the BJJ rear naked choke, is more dangerous because of the possibility of serious injury to the neck.  Having a way out of this full nelson is crucial because coupled with the technique itself is the fact that someone had to have snuck up on you to apply it.  In addition, if the assailant has friends with them, being stuck in a full nelson is nowhere you want to be.

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To learn more of the street ready practical skills that Dean Lister has honed from thousands upon thousands of hours training in BJJ, Sambo, Wrestling and MMA, not to mention his work with a number of Navy Seals, you will want to get "Alpha Male Self Defense" in convenient On Demand format, or DVD if you prefer.  Be the guy who is comfortable in any situation, because you know if it hits the fan, you'll be ready with the techniques you've learned in this series.







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