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Matheus "King Kong" Diniz Crowned Kasai Pro Middleweight Champ

Matheus "King Kong" Diniz Crowned Kasai Pro Middleweight Champ


 BJJ Fanatics is proud to congratulate Matheus "King Kong" Diniz who was crowned Kasai Pro Middleweight Champion this past Saturday after defeating four different opponents without a point scored on him on his way to victory.  Diniz was able to defeat Richie "Boogeyman" Martinez, Felipe Mota, Pierre Leclerc in the early rounds before meeting Mike Perez in the finals.  The finals match found Matheus victories by a score of 2-0 over Perez.

Check out Matheus Diniz' 4 volume "Position to Submission" instructional available in ON Demand or DVD formats from BJJ Fanatics!

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