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Meet Rising Star Amal Amjahid

Meet Rising Star Amal Amjahid


Amal Amjahid is a young Belgian fighter of Morrocan descent that’s been making waves in the international competition scene.

Despite only getting her black belt in June of 2018, she’s had a number of impressive wins, including placing first in Europeans, and second in Abu Dhabi Pro.

And all of this is just at black belt. Amjahid is no stranger to winning big at the colored belts. She’s so good, in fact, that even her government has recognized it.

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In the interview below, she explains that she receives funding from the Belgian government, so she can live and train as a professional athlete.

The interview is in French (sorry, Belgians), but Amjahid gained official athlete status for being part of the national team competing in the Ju-Jitsu international federation (JJIF). 

The ruleset used by this organization is the most likely form of BJJ to be included in the Olympics, since JJIF is already affiliated with organizations closely tied to the International Olympic Committee. 

Amjahid’s game is fast-paced and dynamic. As a smaller player, she uses her speed to get around her opponents’ defenses.

Check out this short highlight reel where Amjahid does some beautiful passing, sweeps, and submissions.

Amjahid has a strong guard game -- with Spider Guard being her specialty-- and passing that puts constant pressure on her opponent. 

Amjahid has had success in the open weight divisions as well as her own.

This may have something to do with the fact that as a kid, she was always the smallest in the class, which made her a favorite target for bullies. 

It was for this reason that she started her journey in martial arts -- first in karate, capoeira, and boxing -- then in Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 7. 

Amjihad immediately felt that Jiu-Jitsu was the thing for her, and began training ferociously and competing at a young age. All of that has produced the fenom that is taking the international competition scene by a storm today.

Amjahid is well spoken with a heart of gold. She knows the platform being good at what you do gives, and she uses it to advance important causes, the most notable of our time being climate change.

In this video (also in French), she adopts the 5 “Eco Hero” challenges during Belgium’s sustainability week, which included things like going meatless, reducing waste, turning off lights, and connecting with nature.

Despite her young age (she’s only 24), Amjahid is already teaching the next generation with the experience she’s gained.

It’ll be exciting to see where Amjahid’s power and determination take her next.

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