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Meregali Gets New Opponent For Third Coast Grappling Event

Meregali Gets New Opponent For Third Coast Grappling Event


Fresh off of winning the 2019 IBJJF World Championship at super heavyweight, Nicholas Meregali will face a new interesting challenge in a superfight for Third Coast Grappling on June 21st. Originally a dream match between Keenan Cornelius and Meregali was slated but due to injury the American had to withdraw from the match.

Thankfully for us another dream matchup was able to be scheduled in its place. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu is stepping in to challenge the new generation. Cyborg has an explosive action packed style that is sure to offer fireworks on june 21st when he clashes with Meregali.

If you’ve ever watched Cyborg train and compete he can be described as a big guy that moves like a little guy. Roberto is able to utilize his heavy frame to apply immense pressure, but is able to flow unlike 99.9999% of Jiu-Jitsu athletes. Although Cyborg is nearly 40 years old he is able to transition from position to position into submission. Drills like this are what makes Cyborg great, see if you can add it to your training routine.

One thing to note about this drill is that it can be done solo on a heavy bag. If you don’t have confidence to roll onto your partner utilizing a heavy bag can help this process. Body control is very important especially if there is  a size differential between you and your drilling partner.

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As you can tell from how Cyborg trains, despite being built like The Thing from Fantastic 4, HE CAN MOVE! That said, Nicholas Meregali is no stranger to pushing the action and hunting for submissions. As evident in his run through the 2019 World Championship. It was constant attacks and reverse De la X guard from Meregali on his way to a super heavyweight title.

Third Coast Grappling has a unique rule set that is designed to push the action. If you follow the link provided you will find their rule set. A couple of important things to note is the first to 11 system. The first athlete to reach 11 points OR submission is the winner. With these two stalling probably won’t be a factor. 3rd coast grappling’s overtime is VERY interesting. Athletes can choose how to start the overtime, and from there it’s sudden death first point wins!


Flow: The Top Game By Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu looks to totally revitalize your top game. In this 4 part series Cyborg covers all of his favorite guard passes, transitions, and back takes. On top of that he shows YOU how to connect them.



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