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Most Dangerous Move For White Belts?

Most Dangerous Move For White Belts?



What is the most dangerous move for beginners? You may be thinking heel hook, or some other foot lock variation, but to Alec Baulding it’s the jumping guard pull. If you watch the video below from his YouTube he goes into great detail about why this move can be dangerous especially for white belts.  Definitely subscribe to Alec’s page it has a TON of info!

Right off the bat Alec explains that with the wrong angle and a lot of weight coming in a downward angle can equal disaster for someone’s knee. That’s right if things go wrong for your partner/opponent they will definitely miss their next square dancing lesson. 

First let’s look at how Alec is able to execute a safe jump to closed guard. As usual grips come first. Alec elects to get a collar/sleeve combo. The hand that grabs the collar will be the leg that is to make contact with your partner. This is important to properly disperse your weight as you land into closed guard. As you make contact over your partner’s hip your second leg must aim to close over top of your first leg.

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As Alec points out white belts can do some crazy stuff. This isn’t to say that all belt levels aren’t capable of performing erratic movements at times, it happens. For many people who don’t have some form of grappling background, training from the feet can be exceptionally challenging. Thus they might be more apt to attempt a guard pull. Just like a takedown, guard pulls need to be precise. 

A good jump to close guard can be quite risky for a multitude of reasons not just for the person that is left on their feet. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that you could come crashing down on your upper back/neck region. It can be hard to tell how the person you are pulling guard on will react. They could stay standing, they could crash to their knees. The window to react to this safely can be extremely narrow. 

Alec also points out that often times the position of your opponent can make jumping guard a bad idea. Thankfully he gives us a couple of variations and alternatives to the sometimes illegal jumping guard pull. What’s great about how Alec breaks this down is that it can be applied to almost anyone’s existing game. A wide-range of guard can be used to force your partner into a defensive posture which can lead to pulling them deeper into your closed guard. 

As you can see in Alec’s tutorial on the jumping guard pull and the rest of his YouTube page he has a knack for crucial details. In Keeping The Guard By Alec Baulding you get an INSIDE look at what it takes to keep someone trapped in your guard. Not only that, but if you lose your guard Alec shows you how to get back! 2018 ADCC East Coast Trial Champion Alec Baulding teaches what many people though unteachable in Keeping The Guard!



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