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Mount Escape from a Punching Opponent with Eli Knight

Mount Escape from a Punching Opponent with Eli Knight


Being Mounted In A Fight Is Worst Case Scenario. Learn How To Get Out!

One of the most dangerous positions you can find yourself in, is bottom mount. Knowing what to do with a punching opponent from this position is essential.

Technique 1.) Eli explains that when you are first mounted the attacker typically has his hands based on the floor, because when you are mounted that person does not land with posture. Eli wants to take advantage of them not having posture rather than wait for the attacker to straighten up and land punches. Putting his hands behind the attackers elbow in a C grip and making an angle with his body, Eli causes the attacker to have to center up with him making one arm lighter. The next step is to trap that arm against the attackers waist with one hand on the wrist and the other on the elbow. On the same side Eli traps the attackers leg as well. To finish the Escape Eli bridges towards the trapped arm and leg side to land in top guard with the opponent's arm pinned to their waist. From the top Eli can then decide to strike, pass guard, or escape.

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Technique 2.) This time Eli is mounted but the attacker was able to make posture before Eli could escape. Rather than extending his elbows away from his body, Eli looks to either grab the clothing of the attacker (by the waist) or hook the attackers hips, all while maintaining frames on the opponents thigh with his forearms. Then Eli looks to bridge and bump the attackers hands down, breaking the posture. Once the opponents posture is broken, Eli looks to do the same escape as before.

Technique 3.) The opponent got mount and has their arms out wide making a better base. Eli hugs low on the attackers waist and glues his head to the attackers chest with his head under their chin. Eli makes a frame with his other arm to block any punches or cross face. Eli explains that he may be able to trap their arm as it retracts but shows that if the attacker has a wide base a hip escape will be a better option. Making elbow knee connection with his framing arm Eli shrimps his hips out while pushing the opponents leg down with his elbow. This allows Eli to get his leg out and around the opponents, trapping their leg. Rather than relocking the body, El now turns back to his other side, hugging the attackers head with his arm that was framing. His bottom hand now pushed the knee while pulling his trapped leg up. If your leg gets stuck on the opponents hip, palm to palm grip your underhook and headlock hands and shrimp your butt out towards your trapped foot. Eli shows that you can then replace guard or if you make a big enough angle you can break your opponents posture with your palm to palm grip and attack a arm crush.

Technique 4.) To finish the arm crush Eli keeps the attackers arm trapped, wedged between his head and shoulder. Eli’s hands are locked at the forearm, covering the attackers elbow and pushing down, while Eli has his knees pinching, isolating the shoulder.

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Escaping bad positions is never easy, especially if the opponent can throw strikes. Put some gloves on and test this at the gym. See how punch proof you can make your Jiu Jitsu!

The skills that are important to all of us are especially important to Police Officers.  Officer and black belt Jay Wadsworth has created a number of great resources here at BJJ Fanatics. Check out Police Self Defense Techniques for the Streets and keep yourself safe!  Check it out here!




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