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Never Get Guillotine Choked From Guard Again! Awesome Guillotine Choke Escape



The guillotine choke can change the entire outcome of a match. You can winning a match, dominating even, but make one little mistake and get submitted by a guillotine choke. Getting caught in the guillotine is not a fun experience. It is named after an old school execution method, so that should tell you right away that it isn’t a pleasant experience. You should always use good choke prevention, by keeping your chin slightly tucked, but stuff happens. In the heat of battle, mistakes do happen. Luckily, there is an awesome guillotine choke escape. See how to never get guillotine choke again…

As I mentioned earlier, little mistakes can make a big difference. In the midst of rolling, you get caught in a guillotine choke by your opponent and he pulls closed guard. The worst thing you can do is try to pull your neck straight out. All that will do is make the choke tighter and make you tap faster. The first thing that you need to do is tripod up. Get your legs posted up, put your forehead on the mat and drive forward. This will take away the finishing pressure of the choke. While you will not be out of danger completely, you will at least be at somewhat of a safer spot and you won’t be getting choked out. On the side of his arm around your neck, you need to make sure that your elbow is pinning against his arm. This will prevent him from being able to shrimp away, getting an angle and trying to finish.

Now you will need to use your free arm to get a shallow under hook on his bicep. You will use that under hook to push his arm away so that it cannot assist his choking arm from finishing the technique. After that, using that same side leg, go down to your knee. This will angle up his choking side. To complete the escape, look up with your head and neck and it will break the grip. Use your hand to pull away his wrist from reapplying the choke and you will be out and ready to start working your guard passing.

Not all escapes are magical. There is not an escape that will be super easy to fight out of a choke. With all escapes, there will be a sense of uncomfortable pressure and torque. But after you escape an attack that could have possibly finished you, you will be grateful that you were able to get out of it. Brush up on your escapes. If you cannot be finished because of good escapes, then you can always come back to win a match. And to get good at those escapes, you need to be aware of them. For that, I would say check out…

Bernardo Faria’s Escapes From Everywhere. Click here to see!



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