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One Armed Straight Foot Lock…Just In Case!



The straight foot lock can be a powerful weapon in a Jiu Jitsu competitor’s arsenal. It is the only leg attack legal for white belts and yet black belts still use it in the highest level of competition to win big matches. There are variations on the foot lock, which makes it useable in so many circumstances. While you usually will need two hands to finish with it, there is actually a way to finish it one armed. Being able to finish it like that can really come in handy in certain situations. So let’s see how GF Team black belt, Roli Delgado finishes it one armed…

The most common misconception about the ankle lock is that it is all about upper body strength. That is incorrect. There are certain sources of power which generate the pain, that makes the straight foot lock so effective. Those sources are our hips, our shoulders and our legs. By using all of these sources together, you will have one killer straight foot lock.

Roli starts in the ashi garami position, which is also legal for white belts due to the fact that it is not a reaping position. He locks up the foot, with the opponent’s toes in his armpit in a guillotine-style fashion. With that style grip, he makes sure that his hand is making a fist, and his fist is up by his chest, not by his belly button. Also notice that he is not flat on his back, he is actually on his side, which will help with the power generation. Now that everything is locked up, he brings his elbow all the way, almost by his spine. By drawing that elbow back, and putting his weight on that shoulder, he gets a great amount of torque.

To finish the submission, he uses his foot on the hip to drive off, bridges his own hips forward and looks back. Bada boom, the foot lock causes the opponent to tap.

Roli is a part of the world famous, GF Team. The GF Team competitors are known for their strong, IBJJF legal leg attacks. Roli’s fellow GF Team member, Jose Luis Varella is also a master of these techniques. And he has released a DVD on how to do these excellent legal leg attacks. If you want to check it out then…

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