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Next Great American Champion?



As the former champions of the world Jiu Jitsu scene start to step down and retire, there has been an influx of great Jiu Jitsu fighters competing in various tournaments around the country and the world. The World Championships, the Pan Am’s and submission only events such as EBI have been wonderful platforms to show the public some of these fierce warriors. But who will step in as the next recognizable, great American champ? Well, there are some serious contenders…

Dillon Danis –

To start off my list, the first name that pops into my mind is, Dillon Danis. Danis is a New Jersey native who is a black belt under the ADCC legend, Marcelo Garcia. He started making his name known while he was a brown belt, where he won the Pan Am’s, the World’s and the Abu Dhabi World Pro’s. As a black belt, he has defeated Gustavo Campos and Edwin Najmi. His use of leg attacks such as the kneebar and toe hold are just some of the ways that he wins the big matches.

Garry Tonon –

No list about American champions can be made without the mention of Garry Tonon. Tonon. Tonon, a black belt under Tom DeBlass and member of the infamous Danaher Death Squad at Renzo’s in New York, he has certainly made a case for himself in the last few years. Known for his destructive leg attacks and flashy takedowns, Garry has won the no gi Pan Am’s and is a two division EBI champion. He constantly tests himself not only in submission only events, but in IBJJF events as well.

JT Torres –

From the famed Atos team, JT Torres (also known as Spiderman), is a multiple time silver medalist in some of the world’s biggest tournaments and is a Pan Am champion as well. Torres, a spider guard specialist. JT is always improving his game and competing at such a high level, he will be considered a legend in the sport one day.

Eddie Cummings –

Eddie Cummings is another leg locker extraordinaire from John Danaher’s. Unlike the other fighters on this list, Eddie does not compete in an IBJJF events. He is strictly a submission only format fighter. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he isn’t one of the world’s best. Eddie has taken out some of the highest level grapplers in the last few years of competition. In addition to that, Eddie is the reigining and defending EBI featherweight champion. Whether it be a heel hook or a choke, Cummings is indeed the real deal.

There are many other grappler’s from the US that I haven’t mentioned, but they are all leading the charge. They are putting on serious matches and beating folks from all stretches of this planet. With the current path of these fighters, there are quite a few people that will remembered one day as great American champions.

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