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Shorts vs Spats

Shorts vs Spats


With submission wrestling, it is up to the wrestler to choose what gear to wear. In any session, you will see some wrestlers wearing shorts, while others wear spats. Some wear spats under shorts. What’s the right gear to wear? Both have their advantages and disadvantages to better serve certain style of players. It all depends on what you commonly do in training and competition. Read on to check out some thoughts on this.


These benefit the positional player when it comes to no gi grappling. A wrestler wearing shorts has some great freedom of movement for when it comes to takedowns and is able to move from position to position relatively easy compared to some more restrictive gear. The negative about just wearing shorts is the fact that your legs will perspire, and your legs will be covered in sweat. This can cause some issues later on, when the sweat can make certain spots harder to hold and submissions harder to get.

 These are great for submission hunters. Spats create more friction on your legs, giving you the ability to hit submissions more easily then if a person was just wearing shorts. The sweat is absorbed by the spats and keeps you legs compressed and warm. They work especially well for leg lockers. Leg lockers are at a disadvantage when sweat is produced, so by wearing spats, you are giving more probability to your leg techniques and less of a chance for your opponent to escape. On  the health side, they keep bacteria that is on the mats off of your legs. The downside is that you might feel more restricted by wearing them. If you need something additional to supplement your nogi training, check out this awesome grapplers tape below. 

I personally like to wear both shorts and spats. By wearing both, I get even more of the  needed friction I need to finish submissions once my opponent and myself are sweating profusely. Competitors such as Bill Cooper and Geo Martinez, also wear both in competition. Also as far as style wise, I enjoy how shorts and spats work together.

When it comes to shorts and spats, get yourself a reliable pair of each. Wearing low quality gear can affect your performance. Invest in the great gear, to help you perform great!

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