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No Gi Stack Pass By Lachlan Giles

No Gi Stack Pass By Lachlan Giles


The stack pass and its many forms are some of the most fundamental and important techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Although there are many ways of passing the guard, no class of pass is as threatening as the stack passes. This form of pass involves elevating the defender’s hips and control the legs so that their entire lower body becomes immobile. Because this pass is so effective, grapplers will even turtle out the second someone threatens this pass.

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In the gi, a guard passer can utilize various grips on the lapels, belt, or pants to aid in the control of the defender’s lower body. Without the gi, however, it is difficult to enter the position requires to initiate the pass and also maintain the grips to control the defender’s hips. In the following video, Absolute MMA instructor Lachlan Giles goes through an entry to the stack pass without the gi and discusses how to deal with frames as well.

Regardless of which pass you use, it is necessary to pay attention to head position and directionality as it is an indicator of where your weight is and where it is directed. Since the stack pass involves the use of the guard passer’s entire body weight, they should always lead with their head because bad head positioning can lead to mis-balancing and the failure of the pass. You can also use your head to move the defender’s legs around as Lachlan does in this pass.

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One of the most frustrating things to deal with when using a stack pass is defensive frames. These frames can make maneuvering around the hips difficult and cause us to make dangerous mistakes. More often than not, however, the solution to dealing with these frames is right in front of us, we just don’t see them. In the video, Lachlan shows how to deal with the hip or shoulder frame in a way that is not only effective, but actually makes the pass even better.

Dealing with an opponent who likes to turtle against the stack pass by turtling can be difficult for stubborn guard passers. Rather than trying to force the stack pass here, which can easily fail, allow them to roll. As long as you keep your chest connected to them, you will always end up in the superior position on the back or with a front headlock.

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